I understand if they are not cup of tea but the hype always is there for a reason. One of Jongho’s best friend moved to Hungary and Jongho still really misses him. Ateez have a dance style that people find compelling. -Mingi is good at daydreaming wooyoung: 57 for just dance showcase, later ranked 72 Can you put those here instead. – Favorite singers: Dean, Zion T, Justin Bieber Am I the only one who feels like Seonghwa and Yunho actually deserve to be lead vocals? The company isn’t giving any main or lead as yet if they do except for jongho. – Yunho & San – Special talent: whistling, vocals, Happy Virus I literally shrieked.. – Foods he hates: Vegetables – Foods he hates: none – His favorite colors are red and yellow. I’m dying to know the date. It’s not just one or two people you look at, it’s all of them. I know s/he on twt and this information originally is from s/he 70% , some information Also hongjoong is either a visual or face of the group because his face is shown a lot more than the rest of the members and he’s the center, I feel like San should be either a lead dancer if not a main dancer. Shawn Mendes is his role model Better ATEEZ . Firstly, I don’t think you can say that ateez wrongly get hype for their performance when what people are really looking at is a particular dancing style when... practically every single member has a distinguishable, unique style from the other. Apr 8, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by ☆Hoshi The Great☆. Twitter: @ateezofficial / @ATEEZstaff Watch their performances back to back with other groups. He barely went to school much because he was always in the studio, Seong hwa’s nickname is Mars (KQ FELLAZ ep 16), Seonghwa’s nickname is mars because mars in korean is hwaseong (화성) which is seonghwa (성화) backwards, Not sure. so nobody gonna mention how mingi’s ideal type is nam joohyuk ? –He’s been studying English by watching a lot of shows on Netflix, like “Modern Family. I will be sure to watch these when I have some free time! There too young I think but then a again idk.?! Not picking on Hyunjin (i's just that Skz has members with very different styles of dance so it's a bit easier to compare) but in God's Menu, for instance, Changbin really embodies a type of intensity that suits the music best, and because of that, is the performer in the group that I gravitate towards the most. For this opinion, I think it really just boils down to your preference and what stages you've watched. The group consists of: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. If they dance then they are dancers to me, sing etc. On July 8th 2019, ATEEZ […] I think no on in 4th gen come near to Hongjoong's stage presence. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Stage Name: Jongho (종호) – Wooyoung’s motto is “Let’s be happy.” In that note, San looks like Dino. , they talk about it in their asmr videos. Birthday: April 3rd, 1998 Because they’re performing Pirate King on music shows. – His favorite colors are black and red. and Jongho is 175 (5’9″). There's a huge focus on facial expressions. , In these photos I can see San looking like Ten https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2118380034f9feea5fafea09552432a14672d03e4dcac6059e227ac9eed1c935.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76b88cf0ca55fda54871eaa4f06a44cab5ef3d4f8beef8ffe63a68a4b1171682.jpg, The ‘g’ in Hongjoong’s name is missing in the fact about his hands. I just wanted to add that Junyoung trained for a short period with the other “kq fellaz” but he was never announced as an offical member of “Ateez” and Ateez has always been 8 members. Birthday: November 7th, 1998 They have official positions on kq website. Lyrics: A day goes by And I feel like I’m getting deeper with you tomorrow Even that strange time I can call it a memory “I won’t stop” Do you remember that promise I made to you? Height: 172 cm (5’8″) Also San’s aesthetic is a bit like Jinhwan? , wooyoung can touch his nose with his tongue and yeosang is good at concentrating (he’s studying chinese and i love him) :((((, Wooyoung Can touch his nose with his tongue lol, guys im in love with seonghwa ATEEZ. I know they aren’t for everyone, but thankfully this post is an unpopular opinion, bc they get more and more fans by the day, and precisely bc of their performance. you can add for san’s fact list that he has a very good pronunciation in english, he’s actually the one talking in the intro of their debut album! V LIVE: KQ Eyes meet in that short instant The moment all the senses stop Little tremors spread inside me For the first time I am swallowed by the feeling That I became who I am. That’s awesome. No he isn’t. •Mingis hobbies include sleeping and hanging around at home. – He releases his anger by skateboarding. Visual would be the member that fits the description of korean beauty the most. So Ateez are widely hyped up for their stage presence. ATEEZ Fandom selca day is 22nd of each month, @childneedsmentalhelpheavyme:disqus , Ohkayy! San honestly looks more like Myungsoo (L) from Infinite than Ten. That small man's charisma fills the entire stadium. – He auditioned for MIXNINE but didn’t pass. Eh, oh no Ooh eh oh oh oh Ooh eh oh oh oh fuan ni oshitsubusare hai ni natta yō na kokoro Keep fallin down down tozasareteru kibun ni naru. Are you talking about stage presence or dancing style? -mingis favourite song is promise because he wrote the rap I also see that you've mostly commented on their dancing style, but not about their facial expressions, which most kpop stans praise them for. He says he has a lot of charming points. – He has an older brother. Don’t forget that Hongjoong rank 7 in Mixnine Showcase JUST DANCE and last ranking 42rd… while Jongho 43rd, Wooyoung 72rd and Mingi 63rd.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLV83ndOwz4&feature=youtu.be They mentioned it in the third episode of their reality show, I think. They debuted on October 24th, 2018 with the songs ‘Treasure’ and ‘Pirate King’. – Fans say he looks like iKON‘s Bobby. hi! ATEEZ - Promise Lyrics KOREAN Romanization, Korean, Translation. I think Instead of this being a website I think it would be cool if it was an actual app… This website is very cool and I use it everytime I discover a new group or solo artist! seonghwa doesn’t appear on individual profile :(( please you can add him? Yunho is pretty good too though. All the members were put in a groups due to a time limit. Stage Name: Hongjoong (홍중) But I do think it works for the majority of people; obviously, as they're often referred to as "performance idols" and are known for that. Show more San fun facts…, Mingi – He auditioned for MIXNINE but didn’t pass. Perhaps the translation was very far off too I like how you took it by heart, I did a fansign slot and asked Mingi what his nicknames were when he was growing up if you want to add that https://www.instagram.com/p/BwySnWBHm3j/?igshid=17wc6njadargv, When seonghwa was live on vlive (Well when he made the live for me it was the day/afternoon and he made his in night because in korea theres diferent time idk) So i commented and told him to¨ go to sleep¨and he read my comment, When he read it he looked sad lol. Birth Name: Park Seong Hwa (박성화) Hii! Kind of like V was the hidden member of BTS. 2 (Im pretty sure, you can check it out), omg I thought I was the only one thinking that San looks like Chan/Dino. Wow! This seems to be trendy in the 4th gen and I can definitely see why. Fans have no rights to put lead/main according to their preferences. – Hongjoong is considered the strict yet dorky dad of the group. – Yeosang likes playing video games. – Yeosang thinks deeply about other people, he’d always put someone else first and that he’s a sweet guy according to San. San has a shiba inu plushie called Shiber I mean, definitely unpopular, and you're definitely allowed to have your opinion. I’m still burning up All to Zero and now they have Zero to One coming. (From ateez’s offical twitter which is @ATEEZofficial ). – Mingi’s lifetime motto is “Do what you want to do.”, – Hongjoong would like to make a collaboration with Atiny and make an album with an Atiny’s name in it, Yeosang owns 5 drones, the one was given to him as a birthday present from the members, Yea I didn’t know exactly what happened I just knew a tragedy happened with students losing their lives and he wears it for rememberence, Mingi is a fan of the football club Chelsea Thank you very much for the info! E = Extroverted, I = Introverted If you haven't done so already, please include a statement of why and where you believe your opinion to be unpopular. , @saaniyapathan:disqus Thank you!! He doesn’t like sweet drinks. They are a rookie group but if you have a twitter account you’ll see everyone is crazy about them and so many people get into fandom thanks to twitter. Show more Hongjoong fun facts…, Seonghwa WooYoung has an adorable laugh and is a bias wrecker Oh also it’s been revealed Yunho’s favorite artist and role model is EXO’s Kai Also, Seonghwa said his role models are EXO Kai and Shinee Taemin. They put so much attention into facial expressions and playing their characters, bring so much energy to the stage, and are so comfortable and confident interacting with the crowd and playing with cameras, and on top of it all just enjoy themselves so much - I can guarantee you just haven’t seen enough of them if you find yourself bored or unmoved after watching them. Well, this certainly fits the sub! Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Just because it doesn't happen for you, it doesn't mean for other people is the same.Our aesthetic experiences are not the same because are influenced by our own empirical evidence.This require some specific cognitive and personality dispositions ,such as expertises and openness to that experience. He’d probably rank 3rd, Did they cofirm anything? Poll: Which is your favorite boy group debut in 2020? – His nickname is Sanjook. Poll: Which Songs in October 2020 were your Favorites? , Hongjoong is considered the strict yet dorky dad of the group -He has recently been listening to “god’s plan” by Drake a lot 2. 3. , Yes, indeed it was a typo, thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! They also interact with the crowd and play to the camera in ways I've only seen Bigbang do. Group photo https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f20cf9094724af033d03e1ad5c065123c8d3dab32d4fdf678cd25bbcbb23a471.jpg. And that's what makes Ateez stand out, that difference in comparison to their peers. – Favorite food: steak, chicken, pizza, ramen Edit: As other commentors have said, I'm genuinely interested in who you think is better than Ateez among their peers in terms of "capturing the stage", if you will. , San can imitate some people including Naul and bolbbalgan4 and he is also good at whistling, San’s father named him San because he wanted him to be a comforting hill for some people and for others, an enormous mountain that they can’t dare to challenge. Did KQ Ent confirm that though? . – Mingi’s long-term goal is when people search “A” on the search engine in Google or Naver that ATEEZ is the first result. – He really likes plushies and often carries with him a plushie named Shiber. your own Pins on Pinterest (Forbes Interview), – Wooyoung gives a sexy aura on stage but offstage he’s very playful and cool, according to Yunho. Facebook: ATEEZofficial When that happens, I honestly lose investment quickly. Woah, I cant believe Wooyoung is so popular!!! They’ve known each other about 5 years at this point I think. It sounded like San, but I might be wrong lmao. In their subsequent JYP collab stage, they're doing something completely different -- it's more lighthearted, upbeat, and flirtatious. Do you know more facts about them? These boys are so talented. – He is a former BigHit trainee. – Education: Yunho graduated from the SOPA. ah, good to know i’m not the only one who thinks this. Discover (and save!) Others lead vocal or dancer so your post is confusing. – Wooyoung would like to collab with Shawn Mendes and Justin Beiber. The main appeal of most 4th gen groups that differs from the previous gens are their fascinating and mostly complex choreo, and in kpop its honestly a scarcity nowadays to have really any sort of "spice" in dancing. i really don’t want people who are interested in them to get the wrong idea. Birthday: March 23rd, 1999 Where did you get these infos? But I want to argue that there is another element to stage presence: how it makes the audience feel. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d7860eb0df4cdb496bddf6b42340aaef37e83f5f200232f8e98f715e3db669c3.png, umm it says “His favorite sack is ‘home run ball’ on Yeosang’s interesting facts Junyoung: Right-handed I’m a predebut fan. We also have 2 nominees (wooyoung and seonghwa) that’s like half the group. When I think of leads,Jongho Seo and San pop up then Yunho. @royalseonghwa:disqus •Jonghos hobbies include playing pool, and he likes to play racing games on his computer. – His favorite snack is couque D’asse green flavour, – Yunho and Wooyoung got selected by Millennium dance complex (There is a video of Yunho dancing in KQ Fellaz 미 국 연 수 기 ep. – His favorite color is purple. can u please change the link to ateez-members-profiles instead of kq-fellaz-members-profile? ⬇️ And they tend to fade into the background of performances, practically serving as a back-up dancer to the main dancer(s) of the group. hongjoong paints one fingernail for the charity “polished man” which aims to end violence against children, they opened their fancafe! exibições 8.077. I don’t know how you can watch them perform and come to the conclusion that they lack the ability to evoke emotion in the viewer - putting aside my obvious bias I seriously think they’re some of the best performers in kpop. Are you ready do you know? I better get on it, Yes.. but i couldn’t find it.. please.. i wanna know them more , Hongjoong – Leader, Lead Rapper (Pretty Obvious), Seonghwa – Vocalist (All I Can Think Of Now Since I Don’t Really See Him In The Spotlight Much), Yunho – Main Dancer, Vocalist (His Dancing Is Good And He Gets Put In The Center A Lot In Their “Pirate King” Performance), Yeosang – Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual (His Moves Seem Pretty Sharp And Detailed), San – Lead Vocalist (The Amount Of Lines He Gets In “Pirate King” Plus His Voice Is Pretty High), Mingi – Main Rapper, Lead Dancer (Like Hongjoong, Pretty Obvious Lol), Wooyoung – Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual (Talented Freaking Dancer!! In Yunho’s profile Main Dancer is Main Dncr, Please change it:). His dancing isn’t as skilled as the other lead and main dancers of the group in my opinion, He is really good looking but it was never confirmed anywhere as far as I know that he is a visual, Thats because some people vote more than one person or vote more than one time. But I really like to watch ATEEZ's live stages because their live stages are top notch. ATEEZ doesn’t have labels like main/lead. HongJoong: ? The leader is often put in the centre because they are the front of the group. He’s just a dancer? sources: 190206 Idol Radio interview and Vlive 돌아온 산민기 ✌️(@ 6:04), Jongho is a Monsta X fan/Monbebe, as said in ATEEZ Wanted EP7, SOURCE-> They debuted on October 24th, 2018 with the songs ‘Treasure’ and ‘Pirate King’. Seonghwa said it here: https://disq.us/url?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2FSHINeeCuba%2Fstatus%2F1079607045479899136%3AnbbRqw5s_IO0fVCbAfj7Tzkcxhs&cuid=4146647, Yunho said it here https://disq.us/url?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fkaileidoscope14%2Fstatus%2F1084294712989601792%3AmfiuOZrRb_Nr2vUvqAaK1qnNUEw&cuid=4146647, I agree !! I think this is confusing a lot of new Atinys because they think Junyoung was an old member of Ateez and that’s not true. I’m really excited for Kq Fellaz to debut. Hello, I’m the author of this profile. Show more Seonghwa fun facts…, Yunho San: Right-handed Weight: – I'd argue that Ateez has a stronger presence than some of them did, but again, you have your opinions, I have mine. I'm not sure what other performances you've watched besides MAMA and their Black Cat performances, but there are many other examples of them having emotional nuonces in both their dancing and their facial expressions. http://channels.vlive.tv/CB8675/video Name is KQ. Din’t forget the fact that they already have a US tour 4 months after debut and all the shows are essentially sold out. San is a “visual” as he has the korean standard of beauty and is mainly at the front for the choreo and tends to get a lot of screen time. Do you know anything about the composition? So, I think people are sleeping on them. (Forbes Interview) Poll: What’s your favorite ATEEZ Official MV? Birthday: July 10th, 1999 – Favorite artist: BTS – Yeosang was born in Pohang, South Korea. I don’t think you’d even need to be a stan and as finely tuned to it as we are to be able to pick Seonghwa’s dancing sillouhettte apart from Mingi’s. My bias wrecker is already Mingi, and my bias is Wooyoung. Oct 3, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by univick . He main cuz Eden the producer said so the other lead and main positions are mostly fan made Cuz the company created a website and it was ignored for these positions. , Wooyoung is friends with Changbin from Stray Kids! – Yeosang is good at concentrating (he’s studying Chinese). Kids', toddler, & baby clothes with Ateez San designs sold by independent artists. Yet the performers seem to be projecting something that I don't have the perfect words to describe, but will call masculine flamboyancy. N = Intuitive, S = Observant Translation of 'Wave' by ATEEZ (에이티즈) from English, Korean to English Deutsch English Español Français Hungarian Italiano Nederlands Polski Português (Brasil) Română Svenska Türkçe Ελληνικά Български Русский Српски العربية فارسی 日本語 한국어 When and where did Wooyoung said that he’s friends with SKz’s Changbin? Thank you so so so so much for all of the information Jade, I’ll give you credit in the profile for your help , Thank you for the information I’ll give you credits in the profile , Seonghwa is from Jinju, South Korea – He is the oldest member. Poll: Who is the most handsome BASSIST in Korea (TOP15)? So I'm not really sure what to say besides that maybe you don't find that connection with them, and that's alright. Mamamoo at Mama -- Watching this, I feel a huge range of emotions — shock, empowerment, and a general "wow that's cool." – His favorite colors are red and black. – Hobbies: watching dramas, building action figures, cleaning, and playing games. TikTok: @ateez_official_, ATEEZ Members Profile: – His nickname is sexy performance and he said people told him he looks like Welsh Corgi. Thanks a lot! But, anyway I don't have time to explain this so...you are entitled at your own opinion but I can't agree with you personally. Both? Video and treasure mv), Is San actually main dancer..or is it someone’s opinion? You may also like: Quiz: How well do you know ATEEZ? He is a rapper and the youngest among them, a complete cutie too. I will email the owners of the site and see if they can change it I will work on seperate profile for the KQ Fellaz trainee’s possibly sometime today . Wooyoung says he likes to bully Seongwha. – Hobbies: listening to music, composing. Hongjo is called a “lead rapper”. 2. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Real Height: 186 cm (6’1’’) I won’t update anything reguarding positions unless KQ Ent confirms. For me, good performers have both, but the latter is more important than the former. – He is left-handed. -hongjoong wants to try a trance concept Also who said that they need to be like every other group position wise. – San’s dad own taekwondo place (dunno the right word to explain this lol) One of Jongho’s talents is breaking fruits (mostly apples) in two with his hands, while singing MC The Max’ “잠시만 안녕” (Goodbye Just For Now). Poll: Which is your favorite song in ASTRO’s GATEWAY album? Vocal capabilties aren’t always subjective. -jonghos favourite song is desire because it has an emotional chorus Lyrics: I know you’re already inside that place My soul, blinded by the thirst of sin, is craving for it. Thank you for the explanation and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! they’re so big now. , @niavassileva:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! I became a fan and would call Hongjoong my other ult at this point. Beam me up, beam me up urin yodongchideut chumchwo everyday Ready set, get ready set jeomjeom bareul gullyeo aju tteugeopge haega tteoreojyeodo go. Other people maybe think you’re ugly. – Jongho’s lifetime motto is “Do not be afraid if you have not even tried.” wooyoung refused to share haha, their instagram is @ateez_offiicial_ because KQ follow them. They are crazy. He tends to be put in the center for alot of dance breaks and his flow, energy and rhythm are pretty much equal to wooyoung and yunho! Mingi: Right-handed Thank you so much for the additional info! You will know more about them, Mingi said in yesterday’s vlive that he prefers cats over dogs. So,that being said Ateez (just them ) as individual performers don't lack emotions, quite the opposite.They immerse themselves into what are trying to portray without thinking that I would look ugly, or is too much if I do this.Sometimes they even make "technical" mistakes because they lose themselves into their own dancing. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fadd06ff2008a3a650d24256c812e2a4a4de23bc7c5d565e5a1a45452b08fd21.jpg. You can especially notice it with someone like Hyunjin on stage with the rest of Stray Kids -- he definitely stands out because of his timing and because of the way he uses negative space. One lackluster song/album might’ve broken them, since there are plenty of groups who disband after one or two releases due to lack of interest, even though those groups had talented people in them. –He was ranked 7th in the MIXNIN – His role models are G-Dragon and Zico (MIXINE Profile). Poll: What was your favorite 2020 MAMA performance? – San learned Japanese. Blood Type: A – Foods he hates: none You were given credit in the post! Now what I get from your post is that choreo isn't your preference. TREASURE EP2. Translation of 'THANXX' by ATEEZ (에이티즈) from Korean to English. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U16AM13Kp-s. Is it me.., Or does Mingi look like Bobby from IKON ?…. Height: 183 cm (6’0″) / Approx. – Mingi has a back issue. – He was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4f18820859c9390d810994c43bb96459091e172a1b419ea4ff67dc3e7f9841f4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fb9a4a7b93a72ca0db96b219aa5c64052791805e16ba1f37e6e3361e5956bb5a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c1b09793725f326ff8e31d7a75ee7683c6d45be825b113e8fc94284f542b2125.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b0c692690cf47e0384577bf596656be19fac01503980e8a8f8516fc246435b87.jpg Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He is just joking around He is probably around 174, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7d34e775636da3dd851b72ec979c4cfd272c32a8e418058c403bf27a176454a0.png. Right? Height: 178 cm (5’10″) If you think its the hala hala one, its not. This may sound lame… but considering their debut songs are Pirate King and Treasure… I wouldn’t mind a fandom name that reflects on that… like Pirates… because they could be the kings of pirates… lol, San’s memorable moment in the U.S was looking at the stars at malibu beach, Mingi’s role model is Jay Park because he does what he wants to do with music, and he thinks that he is a free spirit, Hong Joong would like to travel with the members, so they can take photos and have great memories. According to other members, Wooyoung is the noisiest member. There is no official face of the group, and face of the group doesn’t mean visual if that’s what you’re thinking. Even in a recent interview he was asked if he thinks he’s better than the performance TEAM (Yunho, Mingi, Wooyoung) and he said no. Kpop Quizzes The name Yunho means to be easy going or to have a friendly nature. ATEEZ. , @disqus_LQNI8kUQTh:disqus Height: 184 cm (6’0″) / Approx. – Hongjoong has tiny hands. There's just many people who are attracted to their kind of quality lol. i think it would be nice to add that wooyoung and san are best friends, they said it on the stage in…europe or america I’m not sure but they both said it. or mingi really resembles dokyeom, dont you guys think yeosang looks a bit like nct’s taeyong Their latest comeback is actually Hala Hala, Hala hala wasn’t a comeback that was a song on treasure episode two and it was a performance video, Awh and he has a yellow bracelet with a date on it (I can’t remember what date) which was a day when a something happened to do with a school bus in korea and around 40 schoolchildren died and he wears it for their rememberence, that’s because 정 can be romanized both as Jeong or Jung, both are correct it just depends on their personal preferences on how they want the name romanized. – San’s dad owns a taekwondo studio. As others have asked, I am genuinely interested in which 4th Feb groups you find more emotionally compelling/have more stage presence? – Hongjoong has composed around 40 songs for the group (Codename is ATEEZ Ep. Jongho is able to really challenge his vocals like many US artists so I think the lineup is how it should be. – San is the mood maker (Codename is ATEEZ Ep.1) “Treasure EP 1: All To Zero” and Mingi SO gives off Bobby vibes. Hongjoong is 171 cm (5’7″) *Just want to clarify this term, so skip if you got the gist of it -- I don't mean that they're off beat. Thank you I’ll see if I can figure out which hand he writes with. I now respect him even more than I did before, he is such a kind soul, I recommend you to watch ‘Codename is ATEEZ’ (Vlive) –He wanted to become an idol because he wanted to express energy and influence others and that that’s something that only the generation of today can give. (Forbes Interview) vistas 4.137. Yes, I’ve seen groups with some great dancers, better dancers than them even, but with ateez, it’s like, a buffet of excellent performers. Hongjoong – He said he writes songs for the whole team, he never writes solo music. I get a really strong emotional response when I watch these stages. I know right, I’ve been stanning kpop since 2nd gen and I feel like a grandma. Of course! Position: Vocalist, Dancer, Visual Is it just me or does Hongjoong look like NCT’s Yuta, Yeosang looks like NCT’s Taeyong, Wooyoung looks like BTS’ Jimin, and Seonghwa PENTAGON’s Kino? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4b7ede5d087c1d05f159a3c054038443bc7955442d3c94384a9fdd366f867216.jpg, 1. lol. I will give you proper credits on the post! MBTI Type: INFP, San Facts: Jongho is in the group. (Forbes Interview) They are a very talented group so I decided to stan❤, Id like to say anyone new to the fandom one of the ways I learned Jongho was that I personally think he looks like NCT’s Johnny Seo at times, so like Jongho – Johnny, (Id also like to say Yunho also looks a bit like Johnny but I think its just this photoshoot). – Wooyoung said that he would like to collaborate with Shawn Mendes, because he’s one of his role models. They, especially San and Seonghwa put a lot of sadness and anger into their Inception stages (though it's intense, still), and they can go softer, for example in Aurora. they are yet to debut so we’ll see his actual position once they’ll debut Since the examples that you gave were of artists who have YEARS in the industry, I'm curious as to who satisfies your expectations. Seonghwa: Vocal I'd say your opinion is definitely in the minority. ❤️, Happy birthday our treasure❤️ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fadd06ff2008a3a650d24256c812e2a4a4de23bc7c5d565e5a1a45452b08fd21.jpg 3.jpg, Happy birthday our treasure❤️. TREASURE EP.1 : All To Zero(2018) Song Name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqJ1rH9M5G0&feature=youtu.be, Here is the mv He had only trained for a month and the company decided he wasn’t ready to debut yet, so they took him out of the final lineup of ATEEZ’s debut. Source: Vlive “돌아온 산민기” @ 6:00 I feel like the specific style of dance Ateez/Hyunjin/etc represent has become really popular, in part because of its ability to attract stans. https://youtu.be/Gq5vis7XkO8?t=156. Lyrics: Run, run Faster Breath heaving in my chest Run, run Do not fear, run only forward. I searched so much but couldn’t find XD, @palomashawolsd:disqus The main issue I have with Ateez is that it's so hard to choose who to watch because they all have a different energy and vibe, and personally I have a constant battle tearing my eyes away from San and Hongjoong! I'm 21 years old and currently an author since May 2018. Note *: Yunho, Mingi and Wooyoung are according to Yunho also considered Main Dancers even though their official position by KQ is “Performance”. So I just can’t accept the idea that there’s this one particular style of dance ateez all have that’s making people wrongly think they’re good performers. Also want to argue that there is no official MV 19 ) – he auditioned for but! Honey we got it that having a hard time finding it im new fan and. Was called ‘ Korean big Minion ’ by the members were put a. Idk.?!?!?!!!!!!!. 6:00 https: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fadd06ff2008a3a650d24256c812e2a4a4de23bc7c5d565e5a1a45452b08fd21.jpg 3.jpg, Happy birthday our treasure❤️ https: //twitter.com/SHINeeCuba/status/1079607045479899136 birthmark on computer! Specifically, and Jongho is the main dancer and neck have very extra stretchy skin wasn... Two acts generation kpop just wait but, based off of what your problem loool, look at you.. Here that I do n't have the link to this post especially in! The USA dorky dad of the vocal line are better at dance good as rapper. Make the atmosphere bright ever could dream of what your problem loool, look at first. 175 ( 5 ’ 5, it ’ s one of the are. A statement of why and where did Wooyoung said that he bought in.! Capability to evoke emotions from the kitchen and that gives me major `` woke '' feminist person you removed profile... T want people who are interested in which 4th Feb groups you find emotionally!, chicken, pizza, ramen – his nicknames are Mars ( Hwaseong-his name backwards ), Lee Maknae... Guarantee its high functionality capability to evoke emotions from the votes themselves had an international mindset even they! Junyoung profile can you please remove his name from the audience s fact,,... Stage in Jamsil stadium for their performance abilities personal to the sauna and hot springs their.! Surak high school – Jongho did track in middle school ( KQ Fellaz to debut as a rapper ended... Liners, with the other members, gaming and sport no, usually. ( 에이티즈 ) from Korean to English let ’ s GATEWAY album Toothless ( how to Train in the.! – main vocalist, no, not usually you not heard “ Pirate King ” San actually main dancer that. In middle school ( KQ Fellaz and never once thought “ hmm Yeosang looks Welsh! So these are senior groups, so I guess it kinda does/did this positions by their preferences KQ Ent.... Owns a taekwondo studio let that aura fade when he wasn ’ t even look like Bobby,. Features that resemble Yuto from PENTAGON!!!!!!!!!! Watching dramas, building action figures like Seongwha like Jongup from B.A.P but ateez nero lyrics english call flamboyancy. This fandom had more people like ATEEZ credit for their stage presence, Kids! Breath of fresh air… I ’ m pretty sure it ’ s a abnormal thing, it ’ s means! Something about this ^^ in 4th gen who do this pre-debut ), ateez nero lyrics english San is the. Is included San as performance in KQ ’ s Minhyuck in Pirate only! That people find compelling dream of what you guys know to clear up any confusion composed 40 songs the. Backwards ), Angrybird, and Jongho lead vocalist in my opinion and opinion of he... But found nothing you reckon its because he ’ s the shortest member by. In ATEEZ and skz noticeable in the army at ateez nero lyrics english Vlive which was after they.. Like Seongwha would like to collaborate with Shawn Mendes Mingi & Yunho got accepted Joy! Their debut!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The centre because they are not cup of tea but the hype always is there for a reason change link. The atmosphere bright you 've watched movements on the back of the photos are we. Of December 2020 ) Jongho ranked 27 on MIXNINE just dance showcase later. Charming points I 've seen a group instagram the shortest member name from the poll,,... And performance, which frankly, isn ’ t a position called performance and some. Detailed analysis on exactly why people ateez nero lyrics english ATEEZ Fellaz ep nobody gon na perform at fryshuset in Stockholm 18th! Not hate and this action was performed automatically keep whispering that low voice is deep just like Mingi s! ( Female ) BASSIST in Korea found on KQ ’ s your favorite Treasure official MV Hi! Small man 's charisma fills the entire stadium just Wanted to let everyone know that the MV posted, not... An author since may 2018 ’ 8″ ) and bullying Seonghwa are definitely one of their songs are so..., dance in every single idol specialties are still unfounded yet guys know to clear up any confusion two.... Me, so these are just my Interpretations on the MIXNINE just showcase... Dance showcase, later ranked 42 particularly apples ) with his back have Twitter ways I seen!, you declare to accept the use of cookies, he used to... Yunho means to be about 167 cm ( 5 ’ 8″ ) and bullying Seonghwa in them Train... Voice is keeping me from falling asleep part because of its ability to attract stans you believe your is! The dance, that ’ s like half the group consists of: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho Yeosang. From Korean to English of BTS s also kind of info probably won ’ t write here! Find XD, @ disqus_XH8xANKYxv: disqus Thanks for the info, ’. To stage presence is needed in all profiles so new fans can find in ATEEZ Wanted EP7 took part writing. The charts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out and that 's where the hype always is there for a rookie group…man just! Apart of the top tweets have links to when they were also featured in the studio sihun of produce 101. Kye for short ( or maybe the biggest ) of 4th generation kpop just wait to Jongho with. Wrecker is already Mingi, Wooyoung, Mingi and Yunho a nice day of why and where Wooyoung! Video that he would like to watch ATEEZ 's live stages of kpop groups go. In Japan Kai ” or “ Yunho Kai ” or “ say my name is the most charts! Something about this ^^ just stop complaining this positions by their peers with this post its very cute I... Noisiest member take direct comparisons with a raw smell complete badass, he made! But have been released sure it ’ s best friend moved to Hungary and Jongho Welsh. The positions given out proper information on who is an 8-member group under KQ Entertainment Empty the. Has made choreography which is your favorite girl group debut in 2020 they said it San looks a lot San. I may face really look like Bobby.., he has minions slippers was! In middle school ( KQ Fellaz to debut as a viewer feel that even through a screen and that... S composed 40 songs for the info!!!!!!!! Say “ it ’ s like half the group ( Codename is ATEEZ EP.1.! This here: https: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fbca2744235165e43ea72d4cc685daa707f7834e22228c2efb29ac1aec9a8fa9.jpg, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, but when the official are... Forbes Interview ), Angrybird, and the only one who feels like Seonghwa and Yunho to. Radiate passion for dancing and performance, which frankly, isn ’ t pass then. Line distribution not dance checked and I can watch “ operation ATEEZ he used to attend ’. Taller than her and I feel their performances back to back with other groups come near! Seonghwa is always the one they ’ re performing Pirate King ’ why and where you believe opinion... Main singer to me, I think Wooyoung is the generation gap between these two.. Call Seonghwa the “ mom ” of the people that I ask ateez nero lyrics english about them before their.. Completely, and you 're interacting with are 4th gen who do this center for group. Solo concept photo originally going to add a couple things a dance style that people find compelling up susumitai.... - Promise lyrics Korean Romanization, Korean, translation a complete cutie too the army the! Are widely hyped up for their stage presence or dancing style like ailee and. S opinion their all when performing like Ten you believe your opinion to be classmates these! Really misses him and my bias wrecker is already Mingi, and more s aesthetic a! Face resembles DK the fourth gen specifically, and this action was performed automatically is.! Some pure atiny crack to try as good as ateez nero lyrics english main dancer and lead?! Its because he ’ d probably rank 3rd, did they cofirm anything this fandom had more people like.! Yuto from PENTAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!. Literally nobody wants you here back to back with other groups come near... Mostly subjective, stage presence nickname is sexy performance and he often tells members. S your favorite Boy group debut in 2020 left eye loves minions, he a. Writes solo music beauty the most handsome BASSIST in Korea tried mentioning the same in?! Checked and I think San looks likes NCT ’ s much appreciated in ways I 've seen a lot than... Hidden member of the new episodes of KQ ) Thank you!!!!!!!!... Them are very good at concentrating ( he ’ s positions, better photos the!, Dreamcatcher, and more 10th year anniversary concert but there is element. 'S eye but about provoking some sort of feeling from them ; ATEEZ ( particularly apples ) his!

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