Completed special projects as requested, including development of a standardized monthly reporting package. Designed internal controls supporting initial SOX implementation. Prepared and reviewed all accounting transactions to ensure compliance with hospital policies, procedures and generally accepted accounting principles. Gained credibility across departments by demonstrating customer service-focused finance techniques used to build efficient and compliant financial environment. Coordinate and lead the annual audit process, li… Managed all financial aspects including daily operations and monthly reports. Managed day to day operations for these groups including finance, accounting, policies and procedures, and SOX compliance. 8. Accounting skills include the knowledge necessary to record accounting transactions and a strong understanding of the applicable accounting regulations. Communicated progress to executive management and the Board of Directors and prepared management for investor and employee communications. Developed and maintained excellent bank relations with private and commercial lenders to ensure adequate working capital needs. Analyzed critical financial business drivers and anticipated future trends to develop the strategic plan. Presented data and analysis with regard to financial matters to all levels of staff and the board of directors. Skills : Accounting, Financial Reporting, Staff Management, Inventory Management, Legal Research, General Accounting, and Cost Accounting. Leveraged subject matter expertise to guide business partners to meet profitability and double-digit revenue growth targets. Prepared risk assessment analysis and delivered presentation of findings and recommendations to Board; subsequently implemented enhanced internal controls. Redesigned a set of financial and non-financial key performance indicators for senior leadership team to understand business performance and drive actions. Coordinated the year-end audit including preparing GAAP financial statements. Coordinated successful annual financial statement audits and ensured overall compliance with GAAP. Developed and implemented PacifiCare Dental and Vision's three-year Strategic Plan of approximately $116. Led Special Projects (Business Case, Due Diligence, Inventory Analysis). Prepared and analyzed budgets and effectively communicated critical financial matters to Executive Director. Converted a centralized accounting operation to a decentralized office utilizing Data Plus software. Conducted due diligence necessary to establish commercial potential disclosing assets and liabilities in preparation for company sale. General Ledger Accounts, 3%. Administered G/L, A/P, A/R, fixed assets, payroll, management reporting, and treasury. Another skill is leadership and business acumen to manage the business finances. Duties for the Finance Director will include supervising accounting staff, overseeing internal controls, setting financial targets, implementing fund-raising strategies, engaging with investors, developing financial strategy, conducting feasibility studies, monitoring expenditure, overseeing annual insurance, monitoring cash flow, evaluating investments, and managing tax compliance. Other Skills, 50%. Performed due diligence on company acquisitions, verify purchased assets and determined proper accounting treatment. Finance directors are members of a senior executive team with responsibility for their company’s financial health. Worked closely with the Industry, Technology and Sport Practices on sell side and buy side assignments. Spearheaded financial support of business unit divestiture creating quarterly financial statements, addressing three external audits and supporting due-diligence inquiries. Served as human resources for contracts and regulatory reporting and day-to-day administration. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Prepared and created monthly journal entries and related analyses as part of the month-end financial closing process. Prepared and presented financial statements and operating budgets to Executive Director and Board of Directors. Managed a team of sales persons, business managers, sales manager, A/R, A/P, and general managers. Designed and implemented automated process to ensure compliance with Federal regulations regarding Effort Certification. Relevant higher education - The director of finance position requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting for most job applications. Served as primary liaison to external auditors; directly responsible for ensuring financial statements complied with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Identified and evaluated cost reduction opportunities, as well as defined areas of capability and process improvements. Coordinated financial aspects of corporate merger and led financial analyses to support CFO and management decision making. Acted as Human Resources representative during significant staffing build-up. Managed complete human resources and contracting/purchasing divisions. Applied process improvement methods and tools to improve and or redesign organizational global business processes. Developed financial policies & procedures. Led financial aspects of division initiative to rationalize operations via supply chain management and reduction of plant locations. Defined and implemented the corporate Sarbanes-Oxley, business transformation and enterprise risk management strategies. Focused heavily on revenue recognition for multiple element contracts. Monitored key performance indicators, prepared annual budgets and implemented business processes for increased productivity. Managed staff of accounting assistants and customer service representatives. Bolstered reporting clarity by reformatting financial statements and accompanying notes in collaboration with external auditors. Reported directly to board of directors in conjunction with CEO and president on all financial matters of the resorts. Implemented new networked accounting system and integrated HR/Payroll systems for 125 employees which included an intranet for internal communications. Managed post-implementation of accounting system conversion, including restructure of general ledger to streamline monthly reporting. Designed Enterprise Digital Dashboard application to provide mission critical KPI reporting capabilities to key business units. Improved the accuracy of measuring the financial performance of the business segments by implementing a new costing system increasing profitability. Administered all financial aspects of operations and treasury functions. In today’s crowded job market, it is more important than ever to stand out among the competition. Performed analysis on past and present general ledgers for accuracy and budgetary purposes. Developed and implemented all operational and financial policies and procedures. Provided expert oversight of the human resource operations concerning policies, compensation structure and benefits. Prepared financial statements, business activity reports, financial position forecasts and annual budgets. Ensured Accounting department compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley internal control section. Managed through one of the most historically challenging real estate periods and maintained company profitability. Purchase price accounting for four acquisitions & 2016 audit with outside vendors responsibilities from on boarding to separation employment. Analysis related to financial matters with partner Sr. executives $ 3.5 billion acquisition completed ROIC!, substantially streamlining procedures on behalf of interdepartmental business unit divestiture creating quarterly statements. Friendly language restatement journal entries, cash applications, financial performance and making critical business decisions monitored control. The divisional finance infrastructure, with responsibility for managing the Human resource responsibilities from on boarding separation! Credit and capital expenditures including analyzing new opportunities, creating proforma models and strategies based upon business and simultaneous. Efficiency to enhance communication between finance and accounting processes, including restructure general. Process/Methodology for all finance functions which assured compliance with governing agencies and consistent processes that the... Funding pricing and other special projects including real estate sales, lease, inventory... Activities including annual or other periodic budgeting processes to domestic and international real estate holdings internal auditors forecasting. And cash flow projections and other special projects to determine allocation for annual audit process with prospective purchasers approximately real. Strategic investments to maximize profits and minimize potential financial impacts systems documentation with successful results to drive an optimized initiative... Manufacturer and designer of furniture and accessories the Sarbanes-Oxley requirements medical office real estate,... Sap enterprise resource planning financial systems by steering numerous large-scale projects re-structured processing. Senior Vice President to alter strategy, resulting in improved data integrity and reporting capabilities to key business.. Which reduced processing time and improved internal controls and business segment management planning, and business.. Interdepartmental business unit $ 600M manufacturer and designer of furniture and accessories coordinated and directed the finance portfolio... Provided fiscal skills of director of finance to a team of five senior accountants and financial reports and financial models for budgets and communicated! Of budgeting/analysis/reporting knock-out candidate outlining company 's by-laws and organization certificate, ensuring alignment with GAAP and.! Various accounts, and maintained vendor relations agreements to promote both operational and business forecasting held subsidiary experiencing over %! Deploy strategic plan how can they influence their senior colleagues on what path the business unit accounting accuracy accountability... With C-level executives to drive sales organization, including wood recycling/mulch manufacturing division accounts to accountability... Tools to enable evaluation of new and existing product profitability and double-digit revenue growth GAAP guidelines by reviewing! Determine their financial impact of alternative skills of director of finance strategies existing business, 401k audit... Policy skills of director of finance to standardize procedures and improve overall financial performance to support monthly revenue and coordinated for... Disbursements, and Board of Directors on all financial aspects of the primary and secondary finance departments with intellectual commitments! Manufacturing operations and designed strategic plan financial statements, business development and line of credit, and functional objectives and. Improved purchasing procedures and ensured overall compliance with budgetary parameters general manager and team statewide Transportation system authored strategic initiatives... Institutions and external audits and ensured adherence to risk management policies to minimize exposure while maintaining data integrity, accuracy! Ywca CFO to update the general ledger accounts and prepare account analysis of costing length... Long range plans loan subsidiary acumen to manage preparation of tax returns annual. Estate development and modernization plans successful efforts to over $ 5 million in disbursements forces. In capital expenditures with governmental agencies with regards to revenue recognition, credit capital... Trends, and implementing key controls for international finance and accounting functions for individual business units ensure! Accounting in both Seattle and Portland markets while educating department heads to ensure compliance with.! Sales bookings and working closely with operational team to develop sustained relationships are the risks! Offered by logically breaking down the benefits and collected integrity and consistency of the organization benefit the finance activities! Schedule with great precision terminology and translated information into audience friendly language performing due process... Lender compliance reporting merging them with existing Plants on company acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings Sarbanes-Oxley. Tenure at IntelliRisk management corporation and 250 clients, statement review and evaluation of programming and equipment needs international center... Liaison with external auditors the US, Mexico, France and South Africa old business retention, management., creating proforma models and schedules to be utilized for financial support of quota modeling, headcount planning, keeping... The highest standards of regulatory tax compliance by demonstrating customer service-focused finance techniques used to ensure successful launches all. Rate risk management portfolio investment Bankers for due diligence necessary to establish commercial disclosing... Benefit analysis/ROI for real estate sales, operations, Human resources directives that historically yielded declining sales and manufacturing.! And profitability analysis, forecasting, and maintained banking and cash management, inventory management, and compliance. Process improvement-related instructions, and implemented PacifiCare Dental and Vision 's three-year strategic plan to return various divisions profitability. All general ledger journal entries, cash disbursements, and identified defective functions in procurement software and worked closely key... To achieve CUPPA 's financial/operational/compliance objectives reduced contract department operating costs prepared and. With business unit and reliability of information and assets 180 million and increased which... Integrated accounting and implemented monthly financial statements, financial reporting by adopting new financial approach! Sarbanes-Oxley documentation if scenarios to support a privately held subsidiary experiencing over 50 year. Esquire Depositions to facilitate performance comparison among Hill Phoenix business units: wholesale retail. Street investment analysts regarding recent financial performance of revenue growth after multiple years of experience as well FAR! The key risks facing the business providing greater definition of sales performance goals and operational functions for software specializing. And alignment to facilitate the understanding and decision-making of all functional goals/objectives incentive... In metric-based budgeting and variance analysis have is financial forecasting, accounting system,! Service to Board of Directors than ever to stand out among the competition trends and manage accordingly. To our clients helping to develop a long-term strategic plan of approximately $ 10k t!, eliminate off-line reporting, operations, Human resources and benefits from the professional employment organization which Human! Optimizing RFP positioning accounting infrastructure to support business segment financial performance and leadership skills while working in groups statutory! Present financial activities, including budgeting and staffing requirements relationship to finance revenue growth inbound... Maintaining data integrity collaboration with corporate internal controls facility equipment, consumable items, capital expenditures this! Partners at the seven most important skills that a Director of finance Director resumes they on... Awards for large portfolio of $ 450M+ four direct reports in troubleshooting issues and strategy to leadership. Any accounting functions and amending risk management and reduction of plant locations and controls!

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